Simple Tips to Revamp Your Bathroom

If you are like me, when you judge a home you start with the bathroom - it needs to look modern, clean and most importantly, charming.

Too often, bathrooms do not tick any of these three boxes for me and I cannot understand why; a few simple and reasonable adjustments can make all the difference.

Are you hoping to spruce up your bathroom for yourself or in case a snob like me calls around? Read on for Your Home and Garden’s top tips to revamp your bathroom.


Lighting in a bathroom is everything. Sufficient light in a bathroom means the difference between it looking open and inviting or cold and dismal.

A well-placed window can make all the difference, but many home-owners or renters have too small a window, a window facing in the wrong direction or no window at all. Here are some easy changes which you can make to improve the lighting in your bathroom.

Lamps and Candles

Lamps and candles are an obvious way to bring light into any room, especially the bathroom. Sconces or adjustable lamps on a wall can hit those hard to reach dreary corners of the room and give your bathroom a fresher and more modern look.

Candles, as well as providing light, set a relaxing tone for when you want to relax in the bath. As an added bonus, scented candles create an inviting aroma that lasts for hours.

Colour Scheme

Sometimes, a bathroom will have sufficient natural and electric light, but it is not complemented by the colour scheme. Be sure to consider colours that create a welcoming effect such as taupe, arctic blue, mint green or seashell.

There should be a maximum of three main colours in a bathroom and be sure to stick to the 65/25/10 rule: a well-decorated bathroom will have 65% one colour, 25% another and the last colour having 10%. 


The mirror over your sink may be good for checking yourself out in before that 8.00 am rush each morning, but it may not be enough to properly light up the room. Multiple mirrors are a great way of bouncing light around the room and making smaller bathrooms look larger. Try to place them at angles where light can hit and brighten up other areas.


Decorations are a great way to liven up any bathroom and allow you to show off your unique style and creativity. Different decor allows you to create a vintage, futuristic or bohemian look depending on your preference.


There are plenty of benefits to adding plants and flowers to your bathroom.

  • Add fresh air to the room.
  • Soaks up humidity and helps prevent mould.
  • Brings life, colour and a nice scent.

Just because they are a great addition to bathrooms does not mean that you should go putting them in without any thought. Make sure you get the right plant for your bathroom: find out if it needs sunlight or can survive without it, make sure there is no danger to your pets (or kids) if consumed and make sure they complement the colour scheme.


Furniture in the bathroom can serve a dual purpose of being useful and looking good. You can choose unpainted wooden furnishings to give your bathroom a traditional look or paint them white to create a more classical vibe.

A chest of drawers or stand creates much needed extra storage space inside with the top being used as a second counter for all your extra towels, ointments and creams.

Similarly, a wooden chair can create an inviting look to your bathroom and can be placed next to a second mirror and counter, so you can sit during preparation for the day or night. 


Do not limit the pictures and paintings in your house to the hall and living room, hang them up in your bathroom to bring it to life in a way which reflects your style. Once again, ensure it goes with the colour scheme and theme of the bathroom. More importantly, make sure you like it (let’s face it, you are going to see it five times a day).

Try these tips out for yourself and get the most out of your bathroom. Please upload your creations and tag #yourhomeandgarden so we can check out your creative style! For more articles on how to spruce up your home, please subscribe to the mailing list here.