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Slimline Wall Tank 300 Litres - Stone Décor

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This wall-mounted water butt perfectly integrates functionality and design. It is made from medium-density polyethylene (MDPE), which is a strong and sturdy material.  Unlike cheaper models the material used is opaque, which helps to reduce the growth of algae. It also has a huge capacity of 300 litres, which will be very useful when it comes to those dry summer months.

All of this is combined with a beautiful German design which suits the garden environment perfectly. It is slim and unobtrusive, and is also customisable. You can choose between a stone effect and a wood effect to suit your taste.

  • Capacity 300 Litres
  • Height 1820 mm
  • Width 520 mm
  • Depth 370 mm

Make some serious savings

Mains water is a valuable commodity – much too precious to be used for watering plants. Rainwater harvesting is a perfectly available alternative. Garantia offers a range of stylish rainwater harvesting tanks for your garden which are both kind on your purse and extremely pleasing to the eye.

Smart people water their garden with rainwater

For plants, there’s no better water than rainwater. It’s clean, soft, free and falls from the sky on a regular basis. It’s much better than tap water and groundwater, which are cold and often hard. Rainwater tanks are therefore becoming an increasingly common feature in gardens.

A special filter, which filters the precious resources and prevents the tank from over flowing, makes the ideal connection to the downpipe. 

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