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Frosch Toilet Cleaner With Lemon

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< 5% anionic surfactants, perfumes. Further ingredients: citric acid, biodegradable thickener, cosmetic grade colourants.

Frosch Lemon Toilet Cleaner uses citric acid from lemons to powerfully remove dirt and limescale, leaving a fresh lemon scent.

More about this product

  • The formula, with natural lemon extracts, optimally removes stubborn limescale deposits, giving an intense cleanliness – even under the rim. 
  • Leaves a fresh lemon scent. 
  • Vegan.
  • Suitable for Septic Tanks.
  • EU Ecolabel certified.
  • Squeeze safety cap and unscrew. 
  • Squirt the cleaner into the toilet bowl and underneath the rim. 
  • Let sit for a few minutes, use toilet brush if necessary and flush away. 
  • Tip: Proper dosage saves money and minimizes environmental impacts. Compared to other products only a small amount is required.
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