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MaxAir II ventilated green bin with free BioBags

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  • Introduction offer comes with 20 Biobags to get you started
  • Airated Kitchen Caddy for reducing the weight and eliminating odors and flies.
  • Most effective compost system available
  • Free Delivery
  • no more stinky buckets with mouldy fermenting organic waste. The waste keeps "fresh" due to evaporation of water.
  • no need for washing of the waste buckets. The bag with the content all goes to compost.
  • reduced problems with smell from the outside bins
  • significant cost savings in transport and treatment for the council due to significant weight loss (typically 20-25%).
  • better working environment for people that are handling the waste.
  • the waste is better conditioned for the composting plant and it is less need for bulking material.
  • Size (Approx., Excluding handle): 270mm (w) x 215mm (d) x 220mm (h)
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