Improve Your Kitchen with these Simple Tips

Lets face it. A kitchen defines how you want to be perceived. It is usually the first room you show guests when giving them a tour and it is the first room you go to when you wake up or come home from work. So, realistically this is the most important room in the house. It has to be yours.

Too often we allow our kitchens to become lacklustre. It is hard to become creative with your food when it is prepared in an insipid kitchen. Here are some simple tips to help you improve your kitchen and make your morning journey a fun one.

Glass Cabinets

Replacing your wooden cabinets with glass is a great way of opening up a kitchen and reducing ‘negative space’. This simple tip which you can do yourself (if you are handy enough) in less than a day while causing minimum disruption. Clear glass is great for showing off the contents off your cabinets, but you can also use patterned glass, coloured glass or frosted glass.

Minimise Clutter

There is nothing worse than a disorganised kitchen: plates awkwardly stacked on bottom cabinets, mugs stored with glasses, appliances strewn across the counter without having a proper place. All of this leads to confusion for your guests and meal preparation taking longer than it needs to.

There are several great ways to declutter your kitchen, all of which result in it being better looking and easier to navigate. Plate racks can be placed in shelves for a more organised look, a mug tree or mug rack is a creative and practical way to store mugs and a magnetic knife rack looks amazing and takes up very little space.

Get at least one luxurious appliance

Treat yourself and your kitchen. Another way to improve on your kitchen and give it a contemporary look is to buy that lavish appliance you have always wanted. It might be an coffee machines, wine fridge, or slow cooker - go out and get it. Gifting yourself with this reward will show guests your unique taste and once you have it, you will wonder how you get by without it.

Make a Statement with Colour

Your kitchen would probably benefit from a new coat of paint, just ensure it goes with the new look. Trying to create a modern look? Apply a coat of white paint. Going for a more natural motif? Use earthy colours like olive green and beige. Maybe you want to create more of a warmer and welcoming effect - use a rich shade of yellow, terracotta or bronze.

Maybe you don’t want to repaint the whole kitchen. You can just paint your cabinets a new colour or apply a fresh coat of polyurethane to the timber. Either of these simple steps can give your kitchen a whole new lease of life.

Mix it up with the furniture

Filling your kitchen with unexpected furniture has the effect of making a big statement while doing very little. Cushions and rugs can create a cosy impression which is great if you the kitchen is an area where you usually host friends. High chairs look fantastic next to a counter or with an island and creates a café inspired theme. You can also recycle old cabinets and drawers and (if you are handy enough) remodel them to suit the kitchen.